Slider Technology

High Performance Spline Slider

Superior Engineering & Superior Performance

GSS Proprietary Technology developed for EPS applications offers:

  • High stiffness over full range of Force-to-Slide (FTS)
  • Reduced Force to Slide (Easy Installation and Improved Performance)
  • Proven Stick Slip Grip Performance
  • Compact Packaging Envelope
  • No Grease – Eliminates Degradation Over Time
  • Consistent Performance over Wide Temperature Range
  • Proven Durability and Warranty Performance
  • High Torque CEPS Applications

GSS - A Benchmark For The Industry

Exacting engineering and rigorous testing result in high performance, long-lasting products

Collaborative engineering at GSS is paramount to all activities. With cross functional Product Development Teams in full action, supported by Research and Development with accurate real production prototyping and extensive testing capabilities, GSS has a proven track record of developing solutions for customer steering applications.
R & D and Testing